Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hot Designs

Hot Designs is a company that sells nail art pens. At first it is a little hard to use because it takes some strength to squeeze the nail polish and not have your hand shake while you are using it. Although after a couple times you get the hang of it. You can get it in many different colors like orange and silver. It also comes with directions for nail art ideas, some are easy for beginners and some are challenging for experienced designers. Not only that but it also comes with a wire that cleans out the bottle when it gets clogged or won’t stop coming out. If you want to buy the item click here
Gold Bond Ultimate

This is the BEST lotion that I have ever tried. As it says on the front it is non greasy, fresh clean scent and acts fast. For me I have a small bottle of it so I limit myself to only use it after swimming. My hands are dryer than normal people, so lotion is important. I had tried so many types of lotion and they are all either greasy, watery, or cheap and lumpy. This lotion is smooth,     creamy, and just perfect.


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